Creating Mental Health Crisis Plans via Telehealth

By | March 25th, 2024

Here at Evolve Wellness, we’re committed to helping you achieve your best path to mental well-being. We know that living with mental illness can be challenging, and we want to help support your efforts to live a happy and balanced lifestyle.

Our telehealth services help to make therapy and mental health programs accessible to people who may have difficulty due to disability, social anxiety, or other barriers. Part of ongoing mental health treatment is learning how to predict and plan for stressful times. Planning ahead can make a big difference.

What is a Mental Health Crisis Plan?

A mental health crisis plan is a protocol that you and your mental health professional come up with on what to do if you’re experiencing a personal crisis. This can mean an anxiety attack, manic episode, nervous breakdown, or whatever is most relevant to your needs.

Why is it Important to Have a Mental Health Crisis Plan?

A mental crisis can occur with very little warning, and you may not be aware of all your triggers at the start of patient-centered care. If you’re transitioning to new medication, you may experience symptoms you don’t expect and not know what to do to cope. Mental health crisis plans are also incredibly important for your loved ones and mental health specialists to know exactly how to help you.

How to Create a Mental Health Crisis Plan

mental health crisis plans

The exact form and shape of your plan depends highly on your personal needs, the level to which you’re involved in treatment, and your communication preferences. But a mental health crisis plan should include:

Communication Details for Yourself

If you use telehealth services, your therapist should know where you’re attending your appointments. But if you’re staying somewhere else or your telehealth platform experiences difficulties, your therapist needs to know where you are in case they need to summon help.

Communication Details for Your Loved Ones

Your mental health crisis plan should include contact information for loved ones who would want to know if something has happened to you, so they can provide support or additional details. It may also be important to include contact details for your neighbors and/or employers.

Essential Healthcare Information

This is essential for a mental health crisis plan. Record whatever medications you’re currently taking (including dosage), as well as where they are in your home. If you are prone to seizures or other health events, it’s helpful to provide instructions on how to help you.

General Crisis Resources

Your mental health crisis plan should include contact information to local support networks you can call upon for help, such as your doctor or local hospital. But it’s also important to include general resources, including the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Evolve Wellness is Here to Help With Telehealth

telehealth mental health crisis plans

Your mental health is important, and we here at Evolve Wellness Inc. are here to assist in a way that supports your life and schedule. We’re committed to providing you with accessible and affordable care via our telehealth services. If you’re ready to meet a healthier you, contact us today!

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